Looking for a new game? Some suggestions!

Upstairs we have a library of over 200 games.

If you’re pretty new to playing board games that can be a little intimidating! Where do you begin? Which games are good? Which take 5 hours to play and have a tome for a rule book? Which will keep your family of 4 entertained? Which are good for 2 people?

So often people pick up their old favourites – Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.

And although we’d love to show you some games, we know sometimes, some people would just like to quietly get on with it themselves.

So here’s a few ideas for a pretty easy game to jump in with, that doesn’t take much setting up and a rule book you can read as you play or read in about 5 minutes, from the Hart Family.

Jeni’s Choice:

Forbidden Island – a cooperative game (which sometimes takes some getting used to – you’re playing together against the game). Try to take four artifacts from a sinking island, doing your best to shore up the worst affected areas before you are either airlifted to safety or left to sink!

You’ll find it on the top shelf, at the far end near the printer.

2-4 players, around 30-45 minutes to play.

Dan’s (aged 9) Choice:

Geek Out – because it’s competitive and fun for the family. Geek Out is like a quiz where you need to provide as many examples of a particular category as you can. You’ll find it upstairs on the yellow row, column 9.

Rebekahs’ (aged 11) Choice

Jungle Speed – like snap, match shapes to give away your cards! You’ll find it in a red bag on top of the shelves upstairs.

Peter’s Choice:

Dixit – A kind of short story-telling and guessing game. With a hand of beautifully illustrated cards you place one, providing a clue, before everyone else also places a card. Then everyone tries to guess which card was yours. You’ll find it (and the expansions) upstairs on the red row, column 9.

3 to 12 players (though best with 4 of more), up to an hour to play.

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