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We’ve just updated our games.

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Recent additions include:

Tyrants of the Underdark

Play in the D&D universe as ‘dark elves’ (or Drow) who seek to become the ultimate tyrant by attracting particular spies, beasts, and monsters to your side. Us these recruits to overpower enemy troops and spies on the board.

An excellent deck building game.

Ticket to Ride: Germany

Ticket to Ride is a perennial favourite in the tea room. Easy to learn, addictive to play, and so many maps you’ll never get bored! This edition provides a new mechanic – passengers. When you lay a route you can pick up a passenger (if there’s any left). The more you get, the more points you have.


Terraforming Mars

Join a group of terraformers attempting to make Mars habitable. Rooted in what the science community believes is necessary to be able to have Mars sustain life, you collect and play cards to aid in the terraforming process. You’re not doing this for the goodness of humanity though – you want paying, and prestige.

Captain Sonar

We LOVE this game!

In 2 teams (of 2 to 4) take control of a submarine. The captain relays the orders, the radio operator listens to the other team, the engineer and the first officer keep track on the health of the sub and it’s systems.

Like Battleships, try to find the opposing sub before they do. Unlike Battleships, use the team’s skill to discern exactly where your enemy is before firing!


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