Top 10 reasons to give tea@Hart a try!

There is SO much choice for places to go for a drink in Hartlepool we’d like to give you a few reasons to try us:

1) We’re committed to ethical, sustainable business. We buy fairtrade for everything we can (including our coffee, hot chocolate, and baking ingredients). We make subtle changes to our baking that makes no difference to taste but avoids using unnecessary animal products (we aren’t genuine vegans – well, most of us – but we know our farming practices are unsustainable in the long term,  so why use an animal product if you don’t have to?)

2) We always have vegan and gluten free choices – often many cafes rely on pre-packaged gluten free alternatives but we make them as fresh as all our other food. We’re also a peanut free environment (though some of our ingredient may contain traces of nuts from their factory, nothing in the tea room includes, or is cooked with, peanut products).

3) By grabbing a tea during the day you’re supporting our community-building games nights! At a time when many community and youth organisations are having to close, you’re drink goes a long way to helping us bring more people together!  In fact, very soon we’re converting to a not-for-profit community interest company to show how important this part of the work we do it.

4) We do takeouts 🙂

5) Everything is made freshly to order – that does mean it can take a couple of minutes longer to prepare your food, but if you’re in a rush please let your server know!

6) You might find a Christmas present hiding in our games shelves, or our made-to-order hampers. We also have local ales to take home – and soon we’ll have our very own craft beers!

7) You might find a game to play! We have games for customers to play like some places have papers to read. We have a range of games on the shelf downstairs that we think are pretty easy to learn, or there’s over 200 more upstairs in our library! If this intrigues you, here’s a little more.

8) You want to do some work – during the day we have a quiet space upstairs, free wifi, and lots of sockets for your electricals. Bring a book or laptop, grab a tea, and sit guilt-free for an afternoon getting your course work done!

9) As we get closer to Christmas you might find a bargain 🙂 We have our new Christmas menu coming soon, with special offers!

10) We are (as far as we know) the only place in Hartlepool for tea lovers with a choice of over 30 loose leaf teas and infusions! We only use the best quality premium teas, and you can take them away to have at home too.

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