Free to Play on Sunday!

So here’s the thing.

Films have gone from this….

To this…

Video games have gone from this…

To this….

Cake has gone from this…

To this…

As with every industry, board and card games have progressed too. Although supermarkets everywhere are pushing out the classics again, games have gone from this…

To this…

Board games are enjoying their ‘golden age’. Better production value, more time and creativity into the designing process, consumers can cope with a little more complexity than ‘roll a dice and move’, and new ways to play have all added to a plethora of new titles over the last 10 years.

And yet too often we assume that the only decisions to make in a board game is whether to buy a property, and the only interaction is ‘you stole my triple word score!’

At tea@hart we are passionate about the benefits playing games can bring: problem solving, meeting people, relationship building, communication, practicing some basic maths and English skills, strategizing and decision making, improving memory, and most importantly creating endophins!

Many games aren’t just about playing to win, but they have a theme and tell a story – for years you’ll reminisce about how the flu nearly wiped out Europe before you finally found the cure in a research lab in Tokyo (Pandemic), about how you were one turn from winning before the island sank (Forbidden Island), about how Grandma came second without answering a single question because the rest of the family were so bad (Geek Out – true story) and about how you realised Dad was the betrayer and exiled him from the colony to fend for himself (Dead of Winter).

Christmas is one of those times we share with friends and family, looking to meet people, make connections, and make up for 11 months of the hectic work/school/clubs routine. This Christmas when you have friends over or family visiting, when the kids are getting excitable but it’s too early for bed, or when you just fancy popping the screens away for an hour, hear yourself asking: ‘hey, do you fancy playing a game we got from a little tea room in town? It’s dead easy, you just need to guess which card is mine after I give you a clue (Dixit)’

So before you pick up another version of a classic game (and we love those games too!), we want to give you every excuse to give a modern board game a go.

This Sunday (3rd December, 4pm-10pm)  we’re offering:

  • free entry, a reduced-price menu,
  • people on hand to play and demonstrate games with you,
  • for everyone who comes to play a game with us we’ll be price matching all games with if you order them on the day!


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