4 Reasons to Try tea@Hart

There are loads of great places to get something to eat and drink in Hartlepool. We’re just one of many options offering amazing light meals, a comfortable relaxed atmosphere, and superb value for money.

But there’s a few things that make us different:

  1. Tea and Infusions. We have over 30 different types, all loose leaf (but still available for takeout, as is iced tea when it gets warmer), and all the very best quality. And at £4 per bag, you can take them to drink at home too 🙂  Ever since opening, teas and infusions have been our passion.
  2. Freshly Baked Yummies. All our cakes, cookies and scones are baked in our home kitchen or on our premises. All our soups are home made from fine fresh ingredients. We always have gluten free, vegan, and dairy free sweet and savoury options available.
  3. Games. We have games to play like some places have newspapers to read. You can grab one and give it a go whenever you’re in. More than that though, we offer games nights almost every night of the week where you can come and meet people and play!
  4. A Safe Social Space. At the moment we’re still a normal business (although we’re slowly converting to a Community Interest Company), but when you choose us for your tea, you’re also supporting our community building enterprises through our games evenings. In a world of decreasing public services we’re proud to offer a safe place for all manner of people to feel at home. In particular we have special evenings for families with autistic members on a Tuesday (and we also work with Catcote school and have students learn games with volunteers every week). Most of our staff have had Autism Spectrum Condition awareness training, so we know whatever the situation to ask if we can help, and not judge. We keep entry fees as low as we can, at £1.25 per evening. If you think you’d enjoy playing games come along, and feel free to send a message first if you want to know someone will be there to welcome you into a game.

But no matter what we have going on, everyone’s always welcome to just pop in for a drink and bite to eat.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our reviewers have said:

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