New Friday Night Magic formats!

After listening to feedback we’ve revamped how we do Friday Night Magic at tea@Hart.

FNM is the traditional night for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts to meet across the globe, play games in a casual environment, and compete for prizes and special FNM promos.

For over 3 years we’ve been running leagues to add a bit more continuity to the weekly events and they’ve often been tweaked depending on the products MTG provide and the general feel of the people playing. This season, in some ways, we’re taking a big step back to the beginning by using Planeswalker Decks for the intro league and reintroducing the final 8 invitational – but here’s what you need to know:

The Intro League

I’m a new player (or I don’t feel I have great decks and want to play with a limited pool of cards)

Great. This tournament is all about slowly crafting your deck ready for a final tournament with generous prizes.

All you need to do is grab one of the ‘Core 2019’ Planeswalker decks and start playing!

Prize support is ‘flat’ – that is, everyone receives 1 booster just for taking part. The top 3 will usually get promos, subject to availability.

You can use cards from your prize booster (and the one in your planeswalker pack) to improve your deck.

Everyone who plays 5 events will be invited to a special tournament. Prizes will be in the form of Store Credit, based on the number of intro players. The intro deck must be used for the tournament. Everyone who plays in all 8 events gets free entry to the final tournament!

You’re welcome to join the intro league at any point! Just grab a planewalker deck – you can even get the extra boosters you need to catch up!

Some other rules:
You can take your deck home to practice with, but we will have a list we keep at the tea room where you document which cards you have added to your deck.
When you take cards to your deck, or want to keep some ready to add later, you can put them in your ‘sideboard’ which doesn’t have a limitation – except all new cards must be written on your list. (A sideboard is usually just the extra cards you can swap in and out of your deck between games – normally you’re limited to 15 cards, but not for this league).
Lost all your matches in a week? You’re welcome to buy an extra booster to add cards, to help you catch up a little.
You can use and ‘standard legal’ boosters to add to your deck (Ixalan, Core 2019, Dominaria and Guilds of Ravnica).

6:30pm, every Friday from 12th October to 8th December, £4 entry (and £10 for the deck).

Image result for booster boxes ravnica guilds

Ranked Tournaments:

Show your mastery of a range of formats, competing for prizes and earning your place in a final tournament. This is designed for players who want a more competitive style of play, competing for prizes across a range of formats.

Results will be kept in a league and over 9 weeks, each format will rotate through Standard, Modern and Draft.

Standard is on: 12th Oct, 2nd Nov, 23rd Nov
Modern is on: 19th Oct, 9th Nov, 30th Dec
Draft is on: 26th Oct (Ixalan block), 16th Nov (Core 2019), 7th Dec (Ravnica)

On week 10, the top 8 in the league will be invited to a final tournament where a prize pool based on attendance at previous events will be distributed.

Standard and Modern are £4 entry, Drafts are £12 entry. All events have 1 booster per person into a prize pool, usually distributed amongst those who have won 2 or 3 matches .

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