New Price Promise

Since we opened nearly 5 years ago we’ve run a Loyalty Card scheme, where every £10 spent on games gets a stamp – 10 stamps turns into a £10 voucher.

However between now and Christmas we’re trialling a new scheme.

On most board games in stock and ALL preorders we’re offering 20% off RRP as standard, but you won’t get stamps for these (other items – like dice, RPG books, X-Wing, and card games you’ll still get the stamps). Just look for this sticker:

If you want to take advantage of our best preorder prices, there’s just a couple of things you need to do:

  1. Preorder at least a week before the release date
  2. Either go in store or order here: to pay a flat £10 deposit (non-refundable – unless we have some problem reserving your item).
  3. If you pay by the website, make sure you put the details of the item in the ‘Order Notes’.

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