tea@hart intro league

We have some information on a new type of intro league!

Draft > Play for 3 more weeks > rinse > repeat

With our intro league we’re trying to create a place to play for people who are relatively new, or who prefer to play in a less competitive environment than the usual tournament (which happens at the same time).

This time we’re going to begin with a draft on 5th May, for £10 (you get 3 boosters and, through a process of picking and passing, you build a smaller deck of 40 cards). This forms the basis of your deck for the intro league.

Then every week you can add cards from one more booster that you’re given as part of your entry fee (£3). If you have lost all your matches you can buy another booster to add more cards.

On an evening you play 3 matches, each match is best of 3 with one other player.

This happens for 4 weeks, ending on 26th May

Then – it was so much fun – we do it again from 2nd June (so it’s like 2 intro leagues instead of 1). If you’ve been to all the last 4 Friday Night Magics the next draft will cost £3 (£10 usually).

The winners of both leagues (if they’re different) can then play off, with their respective winning decks, for to be ultimate intro league champion!

You keep the deck in a special deck box at the tea room between weeks, and you can catch up in the tea room at any time with someone else in the league.

We’re also running ‘standard showdown’ every Saturday in May, and a less formal non-competitive ‘league play’ on Sundays 🙂 Lots of chance to MTG!