Games Nights

We have a library of games customers are welcome to use at any time – but we have specific nights, often with a particular event or theme.

We have a £1 cover charge on our evening, with a special reduced-price menu. You can keep up to date on our Facebook page (no Facebook account necessary).

You can find a list of our games here, organised by name and by type.

 Saturday Nights

Saturday is our primary night for people who want to grab a board game and play. We don’t usually have events or themes – just good, old fashioned games. You can either come along looking to join a group to play, or you can come with friends and grab a table. Open from 6-11 for gaming.


We’re open from 4-10pm, and we often have events upstairs, with downstairs saved for general board and card games.

Although subject to change, we follow a monthly pattern:

  • 1st Sunday of the Month – Magic: The Gathering Commander Tournament
  • 2nd Sunday of the Month – Pokemon Club
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month – An LCG tournament
  • Last Sunday – X-Wing

Tuesday Nights

YuGiOh tournament upstairs, and plenty of space for gaming downstairs.

Wednesday Nights

We’re open from 6-10pm for gaming. It’s our only night with an age limit – 16 and over. We often have Role Playing Groups on a Wednesday, which often cover adult themes. If you’re not part of an RPG we have plenty of tables for general gaming.

All other times are family friendly!

Thursday Nights

Open for general gaming

Friday Night

Friday Night Magic! Win promos weekly, or come and learn to play the world’s best selling collectible card game.

Join the community!

If you have a Facebook account, you might be interested in joining these groups to keep up with various games and events: