Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition Preorder


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Due for release on 13th September

The new second edition!

Core Set: £30
Conversion Kits: £39
Full Upgrade kit (1x Core Set, 1 of each Conversion Kit): £140
Dial Upgrade Kits: £8
t-65, Y-Wing, TIE/In, Tie Advanced, Fang Fighter: £15.50 each
Slave 1: £23

And (subject to availability) you’ll be able to pick up these snazzy damage decks if you preorder with us (if stocks are limited they will be distributed based on the date of preorder):

Preorders must be received before 19th August for the preorder prices.

(Pre-order prices are not eligible for stamps – sorry!)

Only available for pick up in our Hartlepool tea room.


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BLT A4 Y-Wing, Core Set 2e, Dice Pack, Fang Fighter, Full Upgrade Kit, Galactic Empire Conversion Kit, Galactic Empire Dial Upgrade, Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit, Rebel Alliance Dial Upgrade, Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit, Scum and Villainy Dial Upgrade, Slave 1, T-65 Xwing, TIE Advanced, Tie/In Fighter


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